vom 25.11 bis 27.11.2020

Rindsuppe mit Leberknödel

Putengeschnetzeltes mit Reis

Geb. Schweinsschnitzel mit Erdäpfelsalat

Spinatstrudel mit Knoblauchsauce und Petersilerdäpfel



Preis 2-Gang € 8,50
Preis 3-Gang € 9,80

We recommend ...

Creamy potato soup
€ 4,90

with bacon and mushrooms

Grilled chicken breast
€ 15,80

with mushroom sauce and rice

Braised beef
€ 15,90

with green beans in a creamy dill sauce and roast potatoes

Salmon steak
€ 18,50

with spinach, parsley potatoes and lemon-and-chili butter

Greek roast
€ 17,90

with roast potatoes and tzatziki

Somlauer Nockerl (dumplings)
€ 6,80

with whipped cream

Duo of passion fruit ice cream and mandarine sorbet
€ 6,80
Chocolate dumpling
€ 6,80

in a crust of bread crumbs and cinnamon, served on pistacchio reduction

It's wild garlic season ...

Wild garlic terrine
€ 11,80

with cooked ham and egg salad

Wild garlic cream cheese crostini
€ 11,80

 with jalapeño salsa and arugula salad

Frothy wild garlic soup
€ 4,90

with croutons

Sautéed beef medaillons
€ 22,90

with wild garlic crust and a side of gnocchi

Chicken cordon bleu
€ 15,90

stuffed with wild garlic and ewe's cheese, served with cucumber salad 

Beef Stroganoff
€ 18,90

with wild garlic dumplings

Wild garlic risotto
€ 13,90

with cherry tomatoes, chili, fresh parmesan cheese and a side of green salad

Wild garlic tagliatelle
€ 14,90

with prosciutto and fresh parmesan cheese

Wild garlic patties
€ 13,90

on tomato sauce, served with a side of green salad

Appetizers, snacks and salads

Cured beef in gelatine served with red onions and pumpkin seed oil
€ 7,60
Strips of grilled chicken breast marinated with rosemary and thyme on a bed of salad greens
€ 9,80
Deboned chicken breaded in pumpkin seeds on green and potato salad with pumpkin seed oil
€ 10,40
Fried goats cheese wrapped in bacon served on a bed of salad greens
€ 9,30
Beef tartare and toasted bread as a starter
€ 10,60
Beef tartare with toasted bread as a main
€ 15,20


Beef goulash with bread dumpling, gherkin and fried egg
€ 10,40
"Tafelspitz" (boiled beef) with creamy spinach, roast potatoes, chive sauce and a horseradish-apple garnish
€ 17,00
Medaillons of pork with bacon-and-pepper sauce, broccoli and croquettes
€ 16,40
Roasted veal liver with rice
€ 14,50
"Zwiebelrostbraten" (beef and onions in gravy) with gherkin and roast potatoes
€ 16,20
Hausspieß - Pork with bacon, orion, zucchini, potato wedges
€ 16,20

Fish & vegetarian dishes

Fried cod fillet with mayonnaise salad
€ 16,00
Line fish - please ask your waitron for daily recommendation
Small egg dumplings with chives and green salad
€ 8,60
Cheese dumplings with roasted onions and green salad
€ 10,50
Roasted bread dumpling with egg and green salad
€ 8,60
Roasted bread dumpling with egg, bacon and green salad
€ 11,00
Homemade spinach and goats cheese puff pastries on tomato ragout with parmesan cheese and green salad
€ 10,80
Homemade cabbage puff pastries with capsicum sauce and green salad (vegan)
€ 10,80
Grilled fillet of Zander with ratatouille and parsley potatoes
€ 15,40

For our younger guests

"Batman" - Chicken schnitzel with fries and ketchup
€ 6,20
"Captain Nemo" - Fish fingers (4 pcs.) with potato salad
€ 5,20
"Pokemon" - Bratwurst with fries and ketchup
€ 5,50

Desserts & ice cream

“Mohr im Hemd” Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
€ 6,50
Almond soufflé with nougat served on an almond reduction
€ 7,20
Chocolate soufflé with truffled oranges
€ 7,20
House cake ("Frag-mich-doch-Torte")
€ 4,50
Iced apricot dumpling with whipped cream
€ 2,90
Pancake with ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts and whipped cream
€ 5,90
Ice creme
Iced coffee
€ 4,90
Nougat dumplings with cinnamon breadcrumbs on a fruit sauce
€ 7,50
Poppy seed dumplings with cinnamon breadcrumbs on white chocolate sauce
€ 7,50
Sweet cheese strudel with vanilla sauce
€ 4,90
Pancake with apricot jam or cranberries (1 piece)
€ 2,10
Sweet cheese souffle with berry compote
€ 7,20


Small cheese platter
€ 11,20
Cheese platter
€ 15,20


Buttered rice
€ 3,00
Bread dumplings
€ 3,00
Grilled vegetables
€ 6,60
Mustard, ketchup, pumpkin seed oil, butter, mayonnaise
€ 0,70
Tartare sauce, horseradish sauce, chive sauce, horseradish, cranberries, various other sauces
€ 1,00
Small mixed salad
€ 3,90
Large mixed salad
€ 8,00
Baked potatoes, fried potatoes, fries with ketchup
€ 3,60
Croquettes, parsley potatoes, boiled potatoes
€ 3,00

Fresh bread ...

Specialty bread
€ 2,20
Bread from baker Schmidl in Dürnstein
€ 1,50